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Consultancy Solution is a unique bridging company. We provide consultancy and project manage all aspects and compliance, licence service and authorisations necessary to operate in Brazil.  We are specialised in assisting companies gain access and get estabilished in the Brazilian territory. We deal with the endless bureaucracy so you can focus on your expansion and growth.  With our HQ in London and offices in Belgium, Ireland and Brazil we are fast becoming the largest Consultancy firm of its kind.  We make it possible for European, American or any medium, large and multi-national corporations to explore the opportunities in Brazil, a country with a population of 209 million people.

The new Brazilian government is opening it’s doors to allow foreign companies manufacture, distribute and commercialise weapons.  Brazil will go through an unprecedented range of opportunities never seen before.

Consultancy solution have extensive real-world industry experience.  We have a vast network specialising in acquiring all approval documents and licences neccessary to manufacture, distribute and assemble weapons. We can provide expert opinions and great context that is specific to the unique needs of your organisation.

We are the best in what we do.  We know the culture, we know the people and we speak the language, that is why we guarantee you success.